3 things I like being with her

1. The silence that we create defines more than those unspoken words.

2. The moment that smile can be seen in her face, it is magical.

3. The moment that we see each other’s eye, we just know what we’ve
been waiting for.


How I colorfully express my love

When the last leaf falls my heart belongs to one. Near the grave where the sun sets, lies a tree which have leaves of 7 colors. They turn blue when the sun is near the horizon. That’s when I saw your name engraved on the trunk of the tree.



And I realized it was already night.



Sinner’s love

I really don’t know how long I’ve been like this.
Will I be back, will I be born again?
I really don’t know.

Sometimes the stars seem bright,
but there are days when they look old and rusty.
Where will I begin on this journey is unknown,
Where will I begin? I still don’t know.

We try to look back and we see some holes,
we try to go forward but we always fall.
The desire to chase happiness is there,
Its always there. It never leaves. Constantly there.

We may not figure this out a lot,
but there are moments where we blink and we know it.
Love is a measurement of our life. A ruler.
But love is the greatest sin one can commit.

Wishful tears.

Scarlet hue. I took a bite but I realized there was nothing. An inevitable illusion.
She held my hand and tears fell down from the sky. She was like an angel from heaven.
It was one cold winter night and I want to go back to her.

stream of love <3

In the night, I like to see that star that only the two of us can see…

In the morning, I like how the streak of light touches your face and show the curves on it, its magical…

Everyday, I like to show to the people around us how precious was your smile to me…

I guess the wind was with me when I said that, coz I like how it blew some part of your hair.

I’ll happily wait at the bench where we used to sit and we’ll watch the sun as it bids goodbye to its beloved sky.

And I would take that time to say to you, that ‘I like the way you are’.


– an original composition for my baby.


Pain will surge in your heart like a flowing stream when you know that the greatest sacrifices you’ve made were not worth it. And the mere thoughts of it bring some uncomfortable twinges in your mind. But the good side about it is that you know your heart is being strengthened by the Hand of our Loving Father.


“The time that you are getting to know each other very well is also the time that you will discover some flaws on each other. But this is what love is all about, you don’t try see beyond it but you look straigth through it.”